Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The morning

Jayden keeps scratching the back of his head and I don't know why. It's never bothered him before but in the past week it has.

He's still waking early as well. The last couple of days it's been 4:00 am. But fortunately this morning I was able to get him back to sleep till 6am. Yah. He's now waiting for danny to make his cup of tea. Got it, drinking it, watching TV.

He hasn't vomited in a while but his balance seems to be quite off lately. I don't know if its because he's pushing himself harder or if its getting worse.
Dr Nick told us when we saw him last that it will never be that good but with time it may improve some. Hope so for his sake as his mind wants to do so much that his body can't keep up with. He's not worried though, I do that for him. Beautiful little man.

I didn't write about yesterday in my last blog just a poem. He did have a good day. Jayden always does. He's the little soldier amongst us that just keeps on going. It's me that falls apart. His little smile and voice in the morning never fails to lift me up and smile though.
His hair is getting so long now that when he wakes he has it sticking up everywhere from where he slept. Love it.

He had a great day yesterday and I know he will have a great one today.
He has such a beautiful spirit, a zest for life and loves it. So proud of my little man.

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  1. He could be scatching his head because his hair is growing and maybe a little tickling or just the sensation of his new hair lenght?