Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Heading off

We are on our way. Kids in the back chomping on snacks and danny and I in the front chatting about stuff and things, struggling again today but mainly due to a very late night and an extremely early morning.
Luke asking every five minutes if we are nearly there and Jayden mimicking his every word.

It was a difficult morning to get moving and I was so wishing I had of done all the packing the night before instead of sitting on my phone. But, we are on our way so that's a good thing and we managed to set off at the time we planned too, amazing.

Jayden woke this morning with a swollen ear. He said "mummy I have a floppy ear". It looks quite a lot bigger than the other one and is dropping down from what appears to be swelling. My first thought however was something far more sinister and I began to feel sick to my stomach with the thought of it. But upon further inspection I'm pretty sure it's a mosquito bite. Yesterday I took him to the doctors because both his hands were swollen and looked really bad. The doctor was confident they were bites as well but I have never seen anyone react like that before.

So now he has one big floppy ear and one little one. I can't help but worry it will remain like that which truly is the least of my worries but anything on top off what he's already been through and the scars that are left to remind us is more than enough.

Speaking of things that, 'Remind' us of the past Jayden found a sick bowl last night that we must have bought home from one of trips to the hospitAl. no idea where he found it and thankfully it hadn't been used. When he bought it in to me I instantly felt uncomfortable. A very real need to get rid of it and any other trace of those reminders encompasses me. Every time I see a towel, syringe, feed bag etc I just want to bin them and with them, all those shocking memories.

This entry I'm going to end however with a photo of my little mAn with his best buddy, his brother.
His little face says it all. His enthusiasm for life, living every moment and loving it. I'm so proud of his spirit, his strength and his love of life.

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  1. What a beautiful boy! Hoping you can have a stress-free time away and enjoy yourself. Big hugs!