Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Miraculously the little mouse survived the night and we picked him up from the vets yesterday. Much to the delight of Luke and Layla. Jayden wasn't too fussed but he didn't really know what happened and he never saw the state the mouse was in when we took him to the vets.

We have decided he needs a new name now though, possibly something like " lucky!"
There has still be no sign of the other one but we would all prefer to think he has joined a wild mouse pack and will live happily ever after.

It's morning and Jayden and I are enjoying our cup of tea together on our own. Everyone is still asleep. He's still unwell with this damn cold and I'm really hoping it will be gone by the time he has to have his MRI. We received our letter from the hospital yesterday to confirm date and time. Frustratingly he is booked into the afternoon. Fasting a two year old is hard enough but manageable if its through the night and in the early hours of the morning but for the whole day,... Not looking forward to that.

Off to the councillor again today, but this time the man I spoke to that works along side the Kinesiologist. Think he practices it too, not sure what to expect but hoping it helps.

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  1. Hoping too that he is well in time for MRI. Cannot believe they booked him for the afternoon. It's just not fair for these little guys! We used to insist on the morning slot b/c Gav was also not allowed to drink water (long story) so would therefore be completely dehydrated by the time they did the scan. Last year, we insisted on the move to unsedated, once he was 3 1/2 he was able to understand how to lie still. He's now done 4 scans with no sedation! It is not normal but I think it's much, much better for these little ones than undergoing general. Still have to have IV for contrast though. Something to keep in mind for when Jayden is a bit older. No fasting and no worry of colds, etc. makes it a lot easier!