Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pet mouse drama

Pancakes for breakfast with spelt flour, no sugar and back to our healthy eating after an easter full of chocolate. fortunately for Jayden he's not a chocolate fan and would rather mash it up and play with it than eat it. Me however, well that's an entirely different story all together.

Jayden woke up still yuck from his cold he has been suffering from these past few days, although you wouldn't know it with his big smile still beaming all the time. He's very congested and now a cough too.

Danny has woken up with it now too and my goodness - man colds... Do I need to say more??

Its evening now and I'm tucked in bed with my two boys. very tired and looking forward to sleep. hopefully it comes easily. I had a really lovely day with all my kids today. after what i wrote in my blog last night i really tried to make a conscious effort of spending as much time with each of them as possible.

I took them out to the shops in the morning as danny was at work. We purchased a few bits and pieces then jumped back in the car to get something to eat for lunch but on the way to the cafe Jayden fell asleep in the car so we went home and ate in and watched a movie instead.

He woke later miserable and only after I gave him some Panadol did he perk up a bit. I have to say this cold is actually starting to worry me. I thought after a few days it would start easing up but it's definitely getting worse. I hope it has nothing to do with anything more sinister.

Jayden joined us in watching the movie and unbeknown to us while we were doing that our sneaky dog managed to knock Luke's pet mice cage of the wall we had it on out side, crashing it open. We assume she then spent some time chasing them as Unfortunately for one she was caught, tortured and barely alive when we finally realised what had happened.

it was truly traumatic for my son luke who was sobbing hysterically. i calmed him down put the wee little mouse back into its cage and together we raced it down the vet. we still have no idea what happened to the other one as it was no where to be seen.

Luke was so upset and cried all the way. i looked at his little face and my heart just ached. i thought about life and death and how tragic it is for such a small person to have to deal with it so young and not really understand it. As if he hasn't had to deal with enough already seeing his brother so ill. in a way i felt that his huge outburst of emotion for this little mouse was a lot of emotion kept inside him from the past year thats been. He was just so very upset.

we walked into the vet and when the nurse saw his little mouse, all sopping wet from spit and huddled in the corner of the cage her face dropped. i thought "oh no". she took us into see the vet and he picked the mouse up gently in his hand, luke still sobbing next to me watching. the mouse moved around a bit and the vet decided he should keep him there overnight to see how he will go. he didn't want me to take it home incase it died over night and luke would find it that way in the morning. That was exactly what i was thinking too so i was relieved when he suggested it.

as we said our goodbyes too the little creature my heart ached for my son and tears began to stream down my face. I hate seeing my kids upset and to watch my boy so worried about leaving his mouse behind and so devastated about the thought of losing him was truly crushing. Luke has such a big heart. He reminds me if my dad, both my boys do. They are huge sooks. Particularly Luke. He has so much empathy in his heart for others and animals. Never have I wanted a little mouse to stay alive than I did for this one as we walked out the doors of the vet. .

As we laid in bed tonight luke and i talked about his little pet and Luke spoke about that when she comes home, can we get her a new friend. When I suggested she may not come home he would have none of it. I left it alone as I wanted him to have a nice sleep, dreaming of seeing his little mate again. But I was inspired by his refusal to give up on his little mate, he truly believes he's going to be ok and that's a good thing. Regardless whether he will be or not he just isn't going to think he won't be. He did keep saying how much he felt sorry for him for what Lucy our dog had put him through and I have to say absolutely so do I.

Luke and I had only had a conversation about life and death a few hours earlier before the mouse was discovered. I had just parked the car out the front of the chemist to go pick up a prescription and Luke came with me. He said to me when we were in the car "what happens when you die. Do you comeback one day?" This is a very tricky question for me as I really don't know how to answer it . But I did tell him that I believed you go somewhere that when you are there you are happy. He said " is your mum there". I told him I believed she was and that she's with me also a lot of the time we just cant see her. He went on to ask me how she died and if I missed her. It was a very deep conversation, one that I wondered what sparked his train of thought. Either way once it finished he was onto cars and trucks and "trashies" in no time. If only I could move my train of thought so easily.

So now I'm laying in bed, no photos to post and its the first day I haven't taken any in ages. Which was nice. It meant I didn't have my phone on me all the time and I just enjoyed my kids.
Both my boys are snoring seemingly in tune and I'm looking forward to joining that song.

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