Sunday, 26 May 2013


My little man had his first visit to the dentist today. I have not ever taken my other two kids this early but was told because of the treatment Jayden has received its important to have him checked early.
So today we went to the dentist with his brother Luke.

Luke was wonderful on the way there, telling Jayden how brave he will be and that everything was going to be ok. By the time we got there Jayden was pretty happy and seemed confident.

Luke went first and jumped up on the dentist chair with a big grin from ear to ear and making it look easy for Jayden. bless him,

Jayden was then called up and i was so nervous for him. not because it was a dentist checkup but because i know how traumatised he is from previous events and i was worried he was going to connect them together with this visit. Fortunately thanks to Luke, Jayden was fine. In fact he was happy to jump in the chair and gave the dentist a big smile when he did. beautiful. made me so proud.

When I think of all that he has been through not only does it make me cry but incredibly proud of my resilient brave little man. i know i could not have been so brave.

The dentist explained to me that the radiation to the brain he received can cause the mouth to produce less saliva and hence he will be more prone to bacteria in his mouth and then cavities. he also said that the treatment can cause his jaw to develop incorrectly and what he sees so far is the way its growing isn't what he would expect. I'm not sure what that all exactly means but it seems small pickings in the big scheme of things. So I'm going to try not to worry too much about it and he said we just need to keep an eye on it.

We left not long after with a new toothbrush and toothpaste and Jayden was so pleased. anyone would think he just visited Santa, very chuffed with himself.

We then had to take Luke back to school which jayden was not happy about and continue with our day. A spot of grocery shopping and on the way home jayden fell asleep. i thought he had finished with his day time naps but recently he has bought them back in, i hope it doesnt mean something bad.

I transferred him from the car, laid him on our bed and snuggled up to him. i love these moments and wish they lasted a lifetime. The smell of his hair, his innocent little face, sleeping so soundly. i know these moments will be etched in my memories forever, i will never let them go. i so love my little man.

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  1. What a brave little man and a gorgeous mummy too, these times are just so special, lying on the bed having cuddles xxxx Rose
    Former 3b mummy

  2. It's truly nice to hear that your little man braved the dentist's chair with a big smile on his face. Well, thanks to his older brother who has been such a great example. Ideally, children should have their dental checkups when the first tooth emerges. But it's never too late for Jayden to have his checkup. And doesn't his happy smile when he received his free toothbrush made all your worries go away? Happy brushing to Jayden!

    Dentistry with a Smile