Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

Today i awoke to my three beautiful kids keen to celebrate Mother's Day with me. Well to be honest, two of them were very happy but one had woken very cranky and was not in the least bit cooperative about anything for the morning. That aside, all was lovely but I don't need a day to remind me how lucky I am that my three kids are well, happy and with me. Everyday is a happy Mother's Day when that's the case and even when ones grumpy its still a happy Mother's Day.

So today for me, was just another day but one that saw my kids try to go out of their way to make it special. Layla was truly amazing and my house is now spotless thanks to her. which is hilarious considering she is the worst culprit for making big messes, especially with her elaborate indoor cubby houses that she makes. She tends to use every piece of furniture, linen and toy in the house to create them. However now it is all packed away and tidy and so is the rest of the house. Nice.

I was given a nice pair of PJs and socks and some beautiful cards and drawings that i love and will cherish. we spent the morning watching Luke play football. And home for lunch, some gardening, bacon and eggs for dinner and now bed.

I'm now laying next to my little man as he snores but my
mind is with my friend who lost her child to cancer recently. i thought about her a lot today and of my other friend that would also be spending her first Mother's Day without her child. Mother's Day truly should be to acknowledge those mothers whom no longer have their babies with them. I read a quote today that says : " On Mother's Day I can think of no mother more deserving than a mother who had to give one back"- Erma Bondeck
Erma is so correct.

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  1. Agree with you & Erma. That would be the most difficult thing in the world. The way you express your thoughts speak to me.