Sunday, 19 May 2013

Photos from Jayden's 3rd birthday

I didn't post all these photos on Jayden's Facebook as I didn't want to inundate people with pictures. But thanks to lisa at Lilypad photography we have some beautiful memories now in pictures and I wanted to share them on this blog.

The cake made by Julie from Queen of Cakes was truly amazing, as were her biscuits that Jayden adored. I spoke with her today and not only are her cake making skills amazing but she truly is amazing too. A lovely, wonderfully kind woman that I so wish I had had a chance to give a huge hug of appreciation. Truly lovely person.

Nadjas famous jelly oranges are a huge favourite of my sons Luke so he was happy as soon as he laid eyes on them.

Louellas cupcakes were amazing as was she and her beautiful family. Thank you Louella and thankyou for your most thoughtful gifts. Another two ladies Nat whom I unfortunately didn't get to meet bought equally delicious cupcakes thanks to Byford Bakery.
This entry is turning out to be a big thank you message but its hard not for it to be as there were so many people who gave their time to make Jayden's day special. And even though he wasn't hugely excited about it all and at times quite unhappy it was still very special and everyone that came had a wonderful time.

So thank you also to Peta who bought some really yummy sausage rolls and Natalie for a yummy fruit and vegetable platter.

Ben from Oasis fresh bought his Ferrari and took those that wanted, a ride in his amazing car. Although Jayden wasn't interested Danny and Luke were the first to jump in.

Spotlight gave us lots of pirate goodies to play with and even I couldn't help adding a patch.

We got our faces painted thanks to RosieO who also supplied a bouncy castle and fairy floss and balloon animals. Amazing woman. Wonderful person. Really love this lady. We will definitely see her again soon I hope.

Jayden's favourite present was his pram thanks to his favourite uncle Steve and beautiful wife Heidi. From the moment he got it all he wanted to do was go home and put his baby in it and since then we have been on many walks with it.

Like today. My wonderful friend gave him a boy doll today also and he's most impressed that it has a 'willy'! We haven't stopped walking.

As we walk down the street now he says "want to see Aoife" our dear neighbour. I remind him she doesn't live there anymore and he stands in silence for a while. I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness for him and then he says " doesn't matter, lets pick a flower". God I love him.
His amazing ability to "just get on with it" I am in awe of.

So we just swiped a flower from her garden.

Back to the party and a few hours later.

Jayden and danny.

Jayden at his most happiest on the slide!

And with his best buddies!

Encore kids parties provided a beautiful fairy that although was a bit lost as to what she could do when the kids were all spread out and Jayden not being in the least bit interested, she was beautiful. She tried her best to make the kids all feel special and made a huge effort. Just beautiful lady.

All these people came together for Jayden. Thanks to Marcee who organised it all to happen and Nadja who helped orchestrate it. Very, very special ladies.

I know on the day when I posted about Jayden's birthday it was hard. The whole weekend was difficult and I wasn't able to truly thank the people that helped like I wanted to as I had so much going on in my head. Today as we get further away from the day I am able to see his birthday for what it was. A beautiful day celebrated with truly special people. Jayden may not have been as happy about the party as I hoped him to be but a very dear friend reminded me that it wouldn't have mattered what we did I would always have wished it more perfect. My fear of it being his last made it impossible to make perfect. Everyone that went had a lovely time and even though I struggled, it was a great party and a beautiful day. I will remember it as a day that had expectations that no one could possibly meet but one that so many people made a huge effort to try to do. That's pretty special in itself.


  1. AMAZING memories, forever captured in time. My favourite is the black and white of Jayden and his pram....just melted my heart. Thank you for sharing Leisl xoxo

  2. What a beautiful heart your son has! Such a special little man....wish I could give him the world. JUST PRECIOUS! Lovely photos of a truly wonderful day. GREAT JOB, MOM! You're doing an awesomely. Your strength far exceeds the fear you feel, WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT! It is obvious to all of us onlookers, and Danny is an amazing and fabulously supportive Dad. You guys rock!

  3. It looks like a lot of fun! And the pressure of making it perfect, just in case, is just too much pressure! Your friend is very wise and you can see the love in each & every picture! What a terrific cake! Sending hugs