Monday, 17 June 2013

School camp

I said goodbye to my daughter this morning as she headed off to her first school camp. She will be gone for four nights and five days and I'm already missing her. I know the boys will miss her terribly too and I think this will be the longest week ever.

Jayden still has his cold/flu and this morning Luke woke up feeling unwell too. Slowly taking its toll on all the family members. He still manages to smile though. Precious. Although he wasn't himself for most of the day which worried me heaps among other things.

Today i noticed Jayden walking funny at my friends place and he said his foot was sore. Inside I'm having a panic attack and hoping with all my might that's its something simple as a tiny bit of glass that we can't see. I'm not convinced thats what it was though as i examined it thoroughly and found nothing. It eventually went or he adjusted his walking to compensate the discomfort. I don't know. i just know i panic with the slightest change in his behaviour or appearance. Sometimes when I look at him in the rear view mirror as I drive I think I see one of his eyes look like its drooping. Then i think I'm just imagining it. crazy stuff. Constantly looking at him through my mum microscope, driven by stress and fear.

Its hours later and everyone is asleep. my daughter isn't sitting up with me as she normally would be and i miss her. She didn't get to watch 'house rules' with me tonight and it wasn't as near as good to watch without her. Looking forward to her return.
We all are.

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