Tuesday, 25 June 2013


My little man had a great day today, starting with spending the morning at Playgroup. straight after the kids went to school Jayden and i headed out to the Telethon Speech and Hearing centre for his playgroup session. beautiful people, beautiful centre and Jayden was really feeling comfortable there today. its his third time he has been and he was clearly getting into it. he did heaps of artwork and lots of playing. Was really beautiful to see. So proud of him.

Just as to be expected he fell asleep on the way home. When he awoke though he was really miserable and his right eye looked as if it was closed a little more than the left. As per usual, inside I was panicking. The level of anxiety that I'm constantly at is so crap it's awful. That constant fear when something looks not right or even just feels not right and I'm worried senseless. I tried not to and later it all seemed fine.

He is in good spirits as always and every day a little more of his personality comes out. Lately I'm finding it almost impossible to take a photo of him as he refuses to smile but instead make silly faces, rascal. I have to say though, I love them just as much as his personality just shines in them.

Just love my little rascal.

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