Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fever free night

I'm so relieved to say Jayden had his first fever free night last night.

Yesterday morning first thing I drove him in to PMH to get his blood tested for all sorts of things in the hope of getting to the bottom of all these fevers. He had a chest X-ray the day before where they found nothing and I was really worried as to what was causing his illness. Virus, was up there in the big possibly, but it just didn't make sense that his temps should go on so long.
However this morning we are up and he's happy. He had no temp last night and his appetite is back. Was really concerned about that also. I am so relieved to have my well little man back. He still has a cold and yucky cough but I can live with that and so can he.

We haven't got any results back from the blood tests but I'm just so pleased for no temperatures and my smiley boy back.

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