Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I hate seeing my little man ill and what ever is going on with him at the moment just doesn't want to let up.
It's 3am in the morning and I have been up with him again with high temps. He is now sleeping soundly with me laying next to him worrying like crazy.

We weren't able to get his bloods today as the lady at the blood place didn't feel confident doing it on her own so we are off to PMH tomorrow to get them done there, first thing.

I just want to know what's wrong. The not knowing is the worst and to see him so sick and so fed up with being unwell is excruciating.

His little feet are so hot. He hasn't eaten properly in days, weeks if we include the diarrhoea time. All so damn familiar.

I feel sick with worry. Just want this damn virus or whatever it is, and lets hope it is something simple, to just go the hell away. Leave my little man alone. Give him a damn break.

Need to get some sleep.
Easier said than done.

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  1. Hi Leisl,
    So very worrying, I know. At any time that our little guys are sick it just throws us into that mental tailspin - all the fears rise to the surface. My Gav has had a lot of health battles in this past year and it has definitely taken its toll on my nerves. But the thing I have also taken away from it is that when he gets sick, he also gets BETTER, and very quickly is back to being my active boy.
    I know these high fevers of Jayden's are awful to see, and yes, they are an indicator that he is sick with something - but I would say (in my expert opinion, ha!) that it is not viral, as it keeps coming back. Speaks more to a bacterial infection somewhere - I know Gav kept getting high fevers last year over a period of a week or so, no other symptoms, finally did a chest x-ray and he had pneumonia! I was sick with worry, and so relieved to get a diagnosis, treat with antibiotics and move on. Hoping you can get your answers soon and that your MD/hospital staff help you find the solution you need. There is something up and it needs looking at. But it does NOT point to what you fear...Sending lots of good vibes your way. I know how painful this is for you - hope you can get some sleep. xoxo Erica

  2. Just read through your older posts again and thought - the reason that Gav got pneumonia was through dehydration from a bout of severe vomiting he had. He also would feel completely well for a half day and then spike these high fevers. Saw that Jayden had diarrhea before and also a bad cough - thinking ask for a chest x-ray? Even if docs think he sounds clear - Gav's chest sounded clear too and my pediatrician was amazed to find he had pneumonia, but she suggested the x-ray just to cover all the bases. Could be completely off, but I know so well your need to find answers. Hugs to you. Erica