Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Still unwell :(

Jayden is still not 100%. Yesterday we went to gymbaroo and he didn't participate in the songs or activities but preferred to sit on the mat with me. I watched him and had a feeling he still wasn't right but when we got to play in the gym you would never know anything was wrong. He Ran around like normal and had a great time.

Once it was over we walked to the car and he didn't want to walk but instead sit in his pram. We were going to go to the park but he declined and instead we got in the car to go home. On the way home I noticed in the rear view mirror his face looked pale. He was yawning and so I took the long way home so he could sleep. We went along the river and he wanted to get out and see the water so we stopped.

He was really enjoying the time down there and for a while I thought he was ok. We didn't stay long, jumped back in the car and again he looked pale. He fell asleep on the way home and I pulled up into the driveway of our home and sat in the car with him until he woke.

He woke not long after and wasn't happy and when I picked him up he was really hot. I took him inside and he had yet another scorching temperature. He spent the afternoon on the couch feeling very awful. It is so hard to see him unwell. We gave him Panadol and I sat with him, worrying, wishing he could shake this damn virus.

At one point he said "mum, i just want it to stop". of course he does, i know that and me too. he then said "will it mum, will it stop". i felt like crying . Yes, the virus will stop, I'm sure of that but everything else, i have no idea but i hope and pray every second of my life that it does. That only a virus is what we will ever have to worry about.

He came good again in the afternoon but last night woke with a high temperature once more. Now I'm really worried, although already was. I just don't operate on any other level than full rip worry these days. more Panadol last night. he woke this morning all chirpy again,

But by mid morning his temp was back. Of course by this time I have yet another appointment with our GP. Have really got to know him very well these last few weeks by the amount of visits we have had to him. He gave him a thorough check over and suggested we get a urine sample to check for urine infection. I hadn't thought of that as he has had many before.

While all this has been going on these last couple of weeks I couldn't help but feel a certain sense of déjà vu. The many doctors visits, the no answers and the forever being told "it's probably just his age, stuff ". Makes me feel sick just the thought of it.

I'm hoping its nothing more than a virus or urine infection but nothing will stop me worrying my self senseless.

His happy little face before bed. That's red texta on his belly. Has taken to drawing on everything including himself.

Hoping and praying my little man just has something simple.

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