Monday, 5 August 2013

The weekend

Really tired today, up all night with Jayden as he has had diarrhoea. He's had it for a while but it peaked Last night where we were up every half hour changing his nappy until after midnight. poor little man now also has a very sore bottom. Hate seeing him in any kind of pain or discomfort what so ever. I really think he's had his fair share and just don't want him to have anymore.

Yesterday, which was Sunday, We were meant to go to our niece and nephews birthday party but on the wAy there we had to stop to change Jayden's nappy twice and soon realised it was not a good idea to take a child with diarrhoea to a party. The kids all desperately wanted to go but we just couldn't risk everyone there getting Jayden's bug and it wasn't long before he was quite miserable with it as well.

He's had to go back into nappies because its been impossible for him to control his poos and hence a lot of mishaps that had been very upsetting for him and not too much fun to clean up for us either. But am happy to clean up messy poos when they are caused by a virus as opposed to doing it because of chemotherapy ANYDAY.

So today I am shattered and so is danny but we had a lovely weekend with the kids. Spent Saturday with the kids at the park in the morning then down by the river in the afternoon and then hung out at home. Really lovely. love spending time just the five of us. really special.

Danny and I went out with our dear friend Nadja and her equally wonderful husband that night and had a Really lovely time.

Danny's mum and dad looked after the kids for us while we were gone and had a lovely time also.
It was really nice to go out and know that I didn't need to worry about the kids as they were well cared for. Priceless feeling.

So for the first time in a long time I was truly able to enjoy a night out. Great company, great venue. Just can't ask for much more than that.

Was so happy to come home though and snuggle up to my beautiful little man. He was sound asleep and looked so peaceful. So happy to see his smiling face the next morning even though I was feeling slightly fragile. Just so happy to see him. Layla in true beautiful Layla form got up with him and made him breakfast. She's so beautiful to him and he just adores her.

On sunday after we had to turn around from going to the party we stopped off at a local park on the way home. at the park Luke decided to jump of the playgrounds climbing frame and landed on his ankle the wrong way. He hasn't been able to walk on it since. Poor little man. plenty of TLC needed for him as well. We went to the doctors today to get it checked out and he is now on crutches as he has a sprained ankle. Boys!

Looking forward to sleep tonight and hoping it comes easily.
My little man is sleeping soundly now. Can hear his little tummy still churning so don't think we are at the end of this virus yet. Hope we will be soon.

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