Sunday, 1 September 2013

Father's Day

It's Father's Day today and danny was woken by the kids and I with prezzies and homemade cards that the kids were busy doing the night before.


They were so happy to give them to danny this morning and Danny was equally happy to receive them. we all then sat on the bed while he opened his gifts.

Really lovely morning. Although both danny and i were very tired. Danny because he had to work but also because he was up with me with Jayden and luke for a lot of the night.

Luke spiked another temp and was restless all night and Jayden has croup so he was up a lot of the night coughing and later spiked a really high temperature also.

Neither of my other two kids have ever had croup so last nights experience was new territory for me and very frightening at that. I'm not sure who was more scared when Jayden was having his coughing episode, me, him or Danny. Neither of us had come across this before and its really quite scary. of course being the already super paranoid, super stressed out mum i am it was almost impossible to remain calm. I immediately rang the hospital as i had no idea what to do. i knew it was croup as he had that distinct seal like bark of a cough but i didn't know if i should rush him to the nearest ER (which is what i wanted to do, and call an ambulance) as he was finding it difficult to breathe between coughs. Fortunately I got a nurse on the phone that was calming, and gave me the run down on croup and what I should do and when to panic. Which for me is , always!

I truly cannot wait until winter is over because this is no fun at all for my kids or my sanity.

I was so relieved to hear after I blogged about my super sensitivity in regards to my kids getting illnesses that other mums whom travelled my journey are the same. That was very reassuring that I'm not a complete basket case after all.

Both boys woke up happy this morning but as the day progressed it was clear they weren't well. Jayden's all but lost his voice and went to bed with only a whisper left. Am dreading this evening as the nurse told me it can last up to 6 days and is worse at night. Poor little mite.

we spent Danny's day hanging out and not going anyway except to the park as the boys are full of germs that we definitely didn't want to spread.

The park we went to is just around the corner from us and one that we regularly go too. Today was particularly special not just because it was fathers day but today i watched jayden climb part of the playground by himself that he has previously not been able to do. This might not seem like much but to me its huge. As I watched him carefully climb, nearly slip at one point but recovered well, I was so proud. So proud and so happy for him, for all of us. That our little man has reached this milestone. Each milestone he achieves no matter how small is so huge. I'm so happy and relieved that he gets to them. And I think to myself " I'm so glad he got up there all on his own. thats he's here achieving this". you never stop appreciating these moments when you know how easily they can be taken away. Never. And you never ever stop wishing and hoping for more.

Climbing on a playground might not be much but its a climb I'm so very grateful he got to do.

He was so very chuffed with himself. when he got to the top, he turned around to me and said with excitement "i did it by myself, mum".
I was so proud and hoped with every inch of my being that i get to see him climb so much more, reach so many milestones and see his face so proud that he got there.

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