Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I started writing yesterdays blog but was unable to finish it last night as i was too tired and sleep just had to win.

This is yesterday's blog....

Luke had an MRI today. I hadn't mentioned it before. He had been experiencing double vision and other weird episodes with his sight. Of course I panicked and emailed our oncologist whom advised us to check it out.

So I took him in this morning and he was ever so brave. I wasn't allowed to go in the room with him but I could watch from the doorway. So he went in with a complete stranger, all gowned up and got up on the bench to be fitted into the bed that goes into the huge machine. He was amazing. So very brave. I was scared for him from where I was standing but he just took it on the chin.

He was strapped in, ear plugs in, headphones on then left in the room on his own as we went into the other room and closed the door behind us. I could see him from the viewing room and he could see me and I wanted to cry.
Visions of when this nightmare all started flashed before me and seeing my other boy laying in a big machine was just so emotional for me. I didn't cry as he could see me but I felt the overwhelming urge too.
The procedure took around 15-20 minutes in total and we were both relieved when it was done.

I don't find out the results until Thursdays appointment with our GP and am hoping with all my might that all is fine. I was watching the screen as he was getting scanned and I didn't see anything in the images that looked like what we saw with Jayden but I'm still concerned.


Last night Luke spiked yet another temperature and so we kept him home from school again today, he was fine when he woke but according to our GP you have to wait 24 hours from the last temp before they are not contagious and I definitely don't want to be spreading his germs.

Jayden still has a yucky cold but otherwise doing well, was in much better spirits today having his big brother home. Yesterday he wasn't the best but today is much better.

We spent the morning playing Lego and doing morning things then danny and I took the boys to the river for some outside time. Beautiful day, beautiful moments spent with our two beautiful boys. Was missing my girl there though. The absence of one is always felt so strongly. Love them to bits.

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