Monday, 16 September 2013

I still haven't been able to get hold of Dr Stew which has been a bummer but I received an email today saying he will let me know when he can as he's at a conference, I think.?
Anyway, can't be helped will speak to him soon enough.

I haven't written in a while as I wanted to take myself away from the Internet and just focus on life for a while. Bit tricky at times and a peak at Facebook and emails is hard not to do.

Friday night the kids and I went and stayed with Danny's parents in the hills and that was really nice. As soon as we got there Jayden went into the playroom, got the dress ups out and got Layla to put the princess dress on him. Hilarious!

Him and Luke had quite a lot of fun with all the toys and had us all laughing when luke came in pushing Jayden in the dolls pram. Love my boys and their feminine side. :) priceless.

We left the next day after lunch, both Jayden and Layla both fell asleep on the way back.
It was a really lovely evening and morning and a great start to the weekend.

Sunday my sister and I took Layla and my sisters daughters shopping and whilst they shopped we were able to have a wonderful chat. Love my sister to bits. So lucky to have them both.

When Layla and I came home a couple of hours later this is what we saw in the front of our house....

Three boys happily hanging out.

Layla and I got out and joined them and Danny made a cup of tea and we continued to sit out there for sometime. Simple things are the best things.

Jayden admiring the neighbours garden.

Love my little man so much and he's beautiful little nature. So laid back, loves flowers, all things girlie and cars and trucks and diggers of course and just being three. How I hope he sees so many, many more years. Where he gets to discover more things, do more things, see the world.

Today he helped me make pancakes and he desperately wanted to flip one. So with me over his shoulder, careful to make sure he doesn't burn himself, then he slipped the spatula under the pancake and flipped it like a pro! I was truly so proud and so happy he got to flip a pancake! Again, it may seem like nothing but these small achievements are truly so huge to me. To get to see him do that is truly a blessing. Every milestone is. No matter how big or small.

Today he even walked down our five stairs without holding the railing and Luke was jumping for joy, screaming "mum! Jayden just walked down the stairs without holding on to the rail!". All of us know how special these milestones are. Every time we get one its worth celebrating!

I'm laying next to him now. It's late. Really stormy outside but I can still hear the sound of him breathing and Luke and Danny snoring. My three boys. Love them all so much.

Jayden's feet are in my ribs and his head at Danny's. definitely knows how to take up a bed. I'm really missing speaking to the psychologist I was seeing and have had stuff I've wanted to talk about. But as always, swallowing it down and trying to get on with it. I have however made an appointment with a counsellor this Friday and am hoping that will work out just as good.

Jayden has been well. Some more restless nights, that always make me nervous but otherwise well.
His little foot gave me another jab, think I need to stop here.

Love his little foot, feet, every little piece of him. Just want to see that little foot fill a size 10 men's boot one day. Want that more than anything in the world. Want it for all my kids.

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