Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yoga, anxiety and special moments

I went to yoga today. I very nearly didn't. I was so anxious About doing something new and being around People I didn't know, people with different stories and in a strange place. I told my husband how I was feeling and he said to me "maybe you should just go because you're anxious. because you need to overcome that".
I went and he was right. I went and there were people there that were lovely, an instructor who was lovely with an amazing memory for names. It was well worth the effort. it really was just what I needed. Just what I needed to get me through today.

two weeks ago was my last appointment with my psychologist because the 10 sessions that the government help subsidise was up And i could no longer afford to see her. I thought that would be okay but the last two weeks I have really struggled. i missed having my Wednesday lunchtime session where i could talk to her. I miss Having someone I can talk to and go over feelings and emotions and the last two weeks of going without that I've noticed my anxiety levels getting higher and my stress levels getting higher. Doing yoga today helped, it wasn't quite the same but it was away of letting go of thoughts and feelings. I'm definitely going to try hard to get back there next week.

Right now I'm laying next to my little man as he quietly snores. Happily sleeping. Last night he had another restless night sleep and forever making me worry.
Luke was back at school today and the antibiotics he was prescribed seem to be doing their job. Oh to only have things that can be so easily fixed.

When I got back from yoga today I spent some beautiful quality time with my little man. Sometimes you just need to stop. Just be. Be with the ones you love and stop worrying about everything around you. What we have been through has really highlighted that for me. How important every moment, every second is. it's so beautiful when you get a chance to remind yourself to just 'stop'. or have a little man like mine to remind me for me. "Mum, i just want you to sit with me". Easy. I can do that. And god did I enjoy it. The dinner was late because I did and I was stressing to get it organised. But, it was all worth the moment we had where we sat cuddled in front of the TV watching a movie together. Laughing, talking about the scenes and a big tickle at the end. That's what its all about. Those moments, where you stop, realise what's important and embrace it. Love my little man.

Playing Lego with my little man before yoga.

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  1. Yes, we are human "beings" and we all need to remember to just "be". We are not called human "doings" for a reason. Thanks for the reminder Leisl to stop "doing" and start "being". X