Friday, 25 October 2013

A beautiful woman

Jayden has croup again. He caught a cold again and again it turned to croup. Fortunately I still had steroids left so I gave him some and he's much happier today.

Im trying to focus this blog on Jayden and childhood cancer however my thoughts keep tracking back to a beautiful lady and friend who was laid to rest yesterday. I didn't mention her yesterday or this week as I didn't know whether it was my place to do that and for such a wonderful person as she was I didn't know if I could find good enough words to describe her or the loss our world now has without her in it. But I know she read this blog from time to time and I feel I owe it to her.

A beautiful woman who had a life full of love, beautiful children, wonderful husband and family but was taken far too young.
I didn't know her as well as some and our relationship was forged through the nightmare we live. She had cancer and that's what took her. She was and always will be remembered as the beautiful giving person that she was. A selfless, caring woman who was always there for others. We had many conversations about life and death and she gave me some peace in this journey we now travel. She had an understanding of our journey that only those travelling similar journeys would and she was a truly supportive friend and person. She said to me once " if I had a magic wand leisl, I would use it on your son first", that sentence alone is a testimony of what a beautiful selfless person she was. Four children of her own that will miss her beyond words and family and friends that will forever have a piece missing in their life, that is her.

Like I said in my last blog it's difficult to rejoice in our situation when another family is suffering. And her families loss is a reminder of how fragile life is.

With every loss of a beautiful person and child I feel another peace of me is torn away. I know it's also a very sad reminder that we have to live every moment . Enjoy every moment and breathe .

I know that's what she would want me to do.

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