Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jayden's scan is clear! The relief of hearing those words is like no other. To feel normal if only for a short while is truly bliss. No one should ever take that for granted. For when it's taken away, you yearn for it like no other feeling in the world.
To look at my son and for a moment, not worry. To see him trip or wobble and just think " that's ok", is amazing. When he complains of a headache last night to be able to think "it's just a headache " is phenomenal. I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to feel normal for a while. Even though I know it won't last long, I cherish these moments more than anything in the world. To know my son is ok, even though there's no guarantee for the future, just to know, today he is ok, is truly beautiful. I have learnt that that's how best to live this journey. Appreciate the moments I do get, for I know others don't and I know how damn precious they are.

I am so very grateful for this day.

Jayden asleep from the premed, just before going in for his MRI. Which of course he woke just before and the nightmare of watching him pinned down on the table to put the mask on his face, screaming to go home, with me helping and trying to reassure him everything is ok. Awful. Never, ever do I get use to that.

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  1. Hooray!!! Ah, such a relief. Let the feeling of "it's all okay" last awhile this time around. He IS okay. He WILL BE okay. Enjoy this wonderful feeling!!