Thursday, 10 October 2013

No results, Morning tea, trampolines and memories

Jayden is much better today. Still unwell but happier. He fell a couple of times today which always stresses me out, as anything to do with his balance is a concern. I still haven't heard anything regarding his blood results but am confident my GP will call me as soon as he's heard. Hoping all is fine.

He's snoring next to me at the moment. His breathing sounds awful as he is so congested but he's asleep and that's a good thing. I always hope that while he is asleep his little body is working its butt off to stay well. I so hope and pray for that.

This morning my daughter and I were invited to a tea and cake morning with a wonderful lady and her daughter and her wonderful friend and daughter.
Previously to this morning I hadn't met either women. One of the ladies had reached out to me via this blog and invited me to join her and her daughter for a morning tea. I was a little nervous at first, stepping out of my comfort zone to meet people I didn't know and leaving my little man behind. However I'm so pleased I went.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful people can be. My daughter and I had a lovely time and I truly felt like I had made two new friends that I hope will remain so, for a very long time. Just lovely, wonderful, caring ladies. So happy they reached out to me and so very, very appreciative to have been in such wonderful company.

I was pretty happy to come home to my boys also and was welcomed with squeals of delight from Jayden. How he makes me feel so loved, they both do. Love my boys.

I hung out with them for the rest of the afternoon and it was beautiful, as always just to be in their company.

One of my special moments today was jumping with Jayden and Luke on the trampoline. I don't often get on there as after three children jumping is not the best idea for me. Anyway, moving right along from that topic, we had a great time. I was holding Jayden's hands and doing small jumps, I looked down at him looking up at me and his smile was priceless. He had the hugest smile and through it he was laughing so hard. I thought for that moment how much I wish I could capture it so it would last forever. Have it etched in my memory forever. Just magic.

I have so many moments with him and my other two that I wish I had a video camera pinned to my forehead so I could catch them all and have them forever. I always worry I will forget those moments. I hope not. I hope I remember each and every one of them.

Yesterday was another beautiful time I hope to remember for ever as well. We had a really nice day in, all of us just playing Lego and other things fun. In the afternoon we all went out into Fremantle. We had a wonderful bite to eat at a very child friendly restaurant, love those restaurants and played in the park afterwards.

Moments to cherish forever. Love my kids.

With every beautiful moment I try to soak it up, love and appreciate having it. They will always be clouded with fear of the future but I won't let that stop me having them. All I can do is hope and pray that I get a lifetime of them from all my kids. I will always hope and pray for that.

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