Sunday, 13 October 2013

Time, blood results, night out and new friends

It's been hard to find the time to blog lately as I don't want to be sitting on my phone or behind a computer when my kids are home and needing me. Have been loving the school holidays. My kids have been greAt together, apart from a few hiccups with Jayden and Luke. It has been So nice to see them all play together and Jayden has been loving it.

We finally got his blood results back on Friday and his ESR is really high. This is indicative of inflammation somewhere but they don't know where. My GP consulted with DR Nick and they decided I should just keep and eye on him, take his temp twice a day and do the "wait and see approach". Fortunately Jayden is a lot better and today we are all going to join Cassie Lovering and her family and followers to welcome the walkers who have walked an extremely long wAy to raise money for childhood cancer.

Jayden's still coughing a lot which sends me into a tail spin every time as that's what he use to do before every vomit . His scan is this Thursday and of course , as always, I'm completely beside myself with worry.


We are now on our way back home from the wonderful picnic. Truly lovely to see the turnout, beautiful day, beautiful people, can't really ask for more.
Met a couple of new people, one who's followed Jayden's journey and a beautiful lady. Thank you for introducing yourself.

Jayden's asleep in the car and was very whiney a lot of the time we were there. I should just put it down to him being tired but I can't help but think it is more. Headache? Pain somewhere? Never something simple, always thinking the worst.

Above: Jayden asleep in the back of the car, still holding his balloon from the funday for the walkers.

I hope after Thursday we will have some good news so I can breathe a sign of relief, even if only for a short time.

I am speaking with dr goldman tonight, finally, and looking forward to that. Hope he has some good news to tell as well about studies into cures for this dreadful disease.

I forgot to mention that I went out on Saturday night to the fundraising event for The walkers from Harvey's Courageous Pride.

I bought my ticket in the morning but wasn't sure if I were going to be able to make it . Part of me just wanted to stay home like I always do, and the other part told me I had to go to support this wonderful mother and family.
I'm so glad I went . I went solo as danny had to work and was greeted by Cassie soon after walking in. Big hug , love this lady like family. I Wish so much I could do more for her, take away her pain, make Life not so hard for her. She deserves that and so does her family. Truly wonderful people.

I met so many lovely people that night. I already knew a few as parents also travelling this journey and a few new faces too.
I'm so very glad I went. I had a laugh, a cry and felt so comfortable amongst people who care and "get it ". Truly magnificent night.
I also finally met the face of a beautiful lady who writes to me over Facebook. It's so lovely to meet people in person who you feel like you know over the Internet. She was exactly how I expected her to be. Just wonderful.

I'm going to finish now and join my kids picking mulberries. Here's some photos of them over the last couple of days....

Jayden playing in our car yesterday.

Out having morning tea at a cafe complete with little waterfall, with the kids on Saturday

First thing in the morning Saturday, playdoh cupcake for mum. Mmm yumm

Playing on a slide out in Fremantle Saturday.

Love my kids. Pray they will all be ok. Hope that Jayden's MRI will be all good on Thursday. Hope with all my might for that.

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