Sunday, 27 October 2013

Weekend, scooting and jumping on trampolines.

It's Sunday night, everyone's asleep . The end of another weekend. A good weekend. It's always good to be home with my kids and I never stop appreciating that.

Saturday I spent most of the day with Jayden on our own as danny was at his course and Luke and Layla had play overs at their friends houses. It was really lovely just to hang out , play Lego and dig holes in the sand. We couldn't go anywhere as our car has broken down but it was nice to be home and just be.

I had so much washing to do and dinner to prepare but I just wanted to be with my little man. He's also not very well again still so he wasn't up for me doing anything else but being with him.

His Nanna popped over at lunchtime for a little while which was lovely. Always is. Really love my mother in law. Very special lady. And Jayden adores her.

Kids were soon home and Danny later and that was our Saturday. Sunday came and went much the same and now I'm sitting in the kitchen when I should be asleep.
But I wanted to put in this blog that Jayden is now riding a scooter! I'm so very excited for him as it wasn't that long ago that I really didn't think he would grasp that at all. He did. Today he was scooting like a champion and I was soooo very proud.

What I really love about my kids (among a million and one other things) is they share my joy at seeing Jayden accomplish things. They know that it's harder for him than them and they know he has been through a lot. So when he learns something knew like standing on a scooter and pushing with one foot and the other on the scooter, they are shouting out to danny and I to come see. Their faces beaming with joy and so very ,very proud also .

They did it again this evening when Jayden was able to bounce properly on his little inside trampoline. They both screamed with joy "mum !!!! Come quick!!! Jayden's bouncing on the trampoline! He's jumping properly". I came rushing in to see the pair of them watching him with huge smiles on their faces and oozing proudness. I just wanted to capture that moment write then and there . Layla and Luke watching on, Jayden using all the energy he could muster to bounce because he wanted to please them more. I so love my kids. Precious, moment and wanted to write it down so that I will never forget it .

Some pictures from the weekend...

Jayden with his Lego creation. It's a house boat. Cool.

Hiding from the camera . He's so sick of me taking photos.

The hole Jayden dug. He insisted on me taking a photo of it without him in it. :)

Managed to snap that cheesy smile whilst on the move. Looks like a little man in this picture . :)

Eating his lunch today out the front . He has a mouthful of food and wasn't happy with me snapping . Bless . Love my little man .

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