Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I didn't find out about who won the Melbourne cup race yesterday until this mornings paper. We all placed a bet. Our knowledge of who could win wAs based on the colours of the jockeys jacket. Jayden was the only one who picked a winner. My little magic man. He's so excited but has no real idea what it all actually meant, only that he won something. He's still a Clever little man to me however.

I was actually at home playing painting with Jayden when the race was being run and it made me think back to this time before Jayden was diagnosed. Almost every year I'd be doing something, be it watching the race at home with danny or out somewhere for lunch. But now, even though we placed a bet, the outcome wasn't important enough to stop everything and watch it. Do I miss doing that? Going out to a lunch and celebrating with a group or caring about the outcome of a horse race? Not if it means I forget what's really important. Not if it means I take for granted what I have now. I definitely have a different perspective on life now and different friends. times like this are just a reminder of how things have changed and why. It will never be the same again, I know.

Anyway, back to today.....

This morning I spent gardening with my little man. Whilst I pulled out weeds Jayden played with the hose. my thoughts were with two families I know. One whoms child is having a scan and the other who's child is having treatment. My heart goes out to them both and i hope for both of them that everything is going to be ok.

I know never to take being at home for granted. Having Jayden at home where he should be, doing what he should be doing, playing. I know that while we are home many kids are still in hospital. So as I enjoy a moment with my little man I never forget those that aren't and hope and pray they too get their moments with their children soon. I

I will also never forget how it was and how lucky we are now to be home. I can only hope, and always will, that Jayden continues to stay well and be able to be the normal boy that he should be able to be And to grow into a bigger boy and then a man. I will always wish and hope for that. And I know I will never take for granted a single second that we have.

I'm now sitting in the car park of a shopping centre with Jayden asleep in the back. I intended to do some grocery shopping but he fell asleep on the way and so I have stopped to let him snooze. He's still not a hundred percent as he doesn't normally nap in the arvo anymore, only when he's unwell.

He's been very whingey as well so I know something is still up. I want to relax about that but it's difficult.
I just watched a young man walk past with a t-shirt that read "When life gives you a lemon, grab some salt and tequila". I Thought that was quite funny and maybe that's what I need to do sometimes. Although I'm not sure it means for me to take it quite so literally.....

Jayden playing with the iPad this morning with his beautiful bed hair- love it so much!

Mr cool dude...

Hanging off mum. Love it! :)

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