Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I love this time of year. Kids are excited about Christmas being around the corner and although it's a couple of months away the feel of it is ever present now. Seeing the shops stocking up on Xmas goodies, makes it feel close and I couldn't help but buy some today.

The very real feeling that it could be our last Xmas makes me so desperate for it to be perfect. I want our tree to be perfect and I'm going to go crazy with the decorations. I ended up with a trolley full of goodies today. I also Shopped on line for some more Xmas lights and can't wait to set them up and see my kids faces. I'm excited for them. Xmas really is a magical time and I so hope everything will be perfect. More than anything I hope Jayden continues to be ok. That would make Christmas perfect. Without all the trims, the trees and the gifts, Xmas would always be perfect anyway, when my kids are all well and with me. Hoping for that more than anything.

Our elf on the shelf was found sitting with Barbie this morning in her house, much to the delight of Luke and Jayden. When I asked them where the elf was Jayden said with excitement "he's got a girlfriend mum!" Big smile on his face, just priceless.

Oh to be a child again... When fairies and Santa were real and magic really did exist. When the bad guy always lost and every story had a happy ending. If only life were really like that....

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