Sunday, 17 November 2013

Jayden has croup again. I really can't understand how he manages to keep picking up these bugs. So awful for him. He had a terrible night sleep and I had to give him steroids this morning. Poor little man.
He was not too bad in the morning but come afternoon he was miserable. He also seems to be cutting a tooth which is giving him grief too. Honestly, I just hate seeing him unwell. He looked unwell with it too. I couldn't help but worry myself senseless when he looks at me with his little face looking so sick. I just start praying in my head, "please don't be something bad, please be nothing". Over and over again. A truly scary existence I now live.

We put our Christmas lights up today. Spent the afternoon decorating our front yard. We all waited till it got dark later to see the workmanship that ALL of us had participated in and were so pleased as one by one they started to come on. Just brilliant. I get such a kick out of doing things like this because my kids just love it. They raced down to get the neighbours kids out to have a look and were so proud of their front yard. Love it.

Jayden was struggling by then and as much as he wanted to keep up with the other kids he desperately needed to go to bed. Three books later and a few minutes, and he was asleep. Bless. Love my little man. Luke was asleep not long after and now danny and Layla too. Of course, as per usual I am still up. Shouldn't be. Need to sleep. But not happening much these days.

I'm going to try and get some sleep though tonight . As much as I want to vent in this blog I think sleep is what should win tonight.

I'm going to finish this off with a picture of my kids doing craft today together . Layla set it all up for them all and they sat at those tables gluing and cutting and drawing for ages. Love my kids...

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