Friday, 22 November 2013


We arrived back yesterday from our mini break at Rottnest. With out a doubt it was one of the loveliest times away with our family. Everyone enjoyed it. Truly beautiful time where lots of wonderful memories were made. Hoping that we get to do this every year, all together, for a very long time to come.

In our driveway Tuesday morning ready to set off. ( yes, Jayden has no seat belt on and his seat hasn't been adjusted properly yet- that's because the kids all got in the car an hour before we needed to go and I was yet to fix all this as I was still loading car).

On the ferry! Yah! All very excited.

In the back of the child carrier posing so elegantly..... Little rascal. In fabulous spirits.

Arrived at house an straight to the beach! So excited!

On the park near the cafe up the road from where we were staying.

On the slide.

Back at the villa after a big day riding. Now doing some drawing.

A picture for jenny our neighbour.

Back to the beach...

Digging with dad...

More drawing out on our balcony.

Bed hair!

Getting ready for another day out riding.

Mr cool dude. Socks and Sunnys. Love it.

Loving the beach.

Hanging with dad.

His highlight of the holiday....watching the workman.

Ready to ride

At the beach... Again.

Out for dinner.

At the park

Dad and daughter time

Cooking up a storm

Back from the beach.

Having fun back at the beach before dinner.

Loving seeing Jayden enjoy the water again. It brought back memories of before diagnosis when Jayden loved the beach. It's taken a while to see that little boy back and this holiday made it possible. Such a great feeling.

Back in the bike carrier and
Riding again

Leaving. :(

Goodbye Rottnest. Thanks for having us. We had a wonderful time.

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  1. Love, love, love it all! May you have many, many more!