Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Visit from the police

Ok. A good nights sleep and I'm feeling much better. Ready to start a new day with a clearer head.

And... To talk about Jayden's visit yesterday! I only brushed upon it briefly and it's so worthy of much more to say. And memories I never want to forget. Although I doubt any of us will.

Bright blue is an organisation that helps raise money for childhood cancer and supports those children and their families. This organisation helped me to get in contact with a beautiful Sergeant of our local police station to organise a police car for Jayden to see and for him to meet some police. Jayden loves police cars and every time he sees them when we are driving he gets excited. So I asked if they could organise this for him and his brother.

Well, this man was instrumental in organising much more than that. Honestly it was amazing. So overwhelming it bought tears to my eyes.

We were told they would be at our house at 11:00 so we waited out the front from 10:45. We sat watching the road and right before 11:00 we saw two police on horse back come around the corner of our street and stopped under a tree. Oh my goodness everyone of us was beaming with excitement! I just couldn't believe it. Horses in our street!!!!

Danny and Jayden watching as it all begins

Jayden so excited he can't eat his toast!

A few minutes later and a police car comes around the bend where the horses are resting, followed by another police car and two police motor cycles! Followed by them is a huge truck.

It was just amazing!
Another car after them and another, then the horses!They all pulled up out the front of our house and got out of their vehicles.

The man who organised all this came up with another police officer and introduced himself. Oh my goodness I just love this man!!!! His female partner was just gorgeous as well and so was every person they introduced us to.

They all made Jayden feel so special! They really made a fuss of him and I couldn't have been happier to see his little face light.

In the back of the big truck!

Poking out of the top of the truck!

They even presented him with his own little shirt and he wore it proudly all day!

The police dogs were there as well and Jayden got to meet a famous one known as 'rumble'. Very exciting. We all learnt so much about each division and the people behind them.

I'm not exaggerating when I say these people were amazing. And I mean AMAZING! So truly kind and caring. They all went out of their way to make his day special. Each division gave him something special as a souvenir and he has treasured every gift. He wore his cap most of the day with his shirt and hasn't stopped talking about the experience.

Last night at the dinner table it of course was his favourite thing for the day!
"My favourite thing today was the police coming. I hope they can come back and I can show them my room and they come play". He only says that about people he truly warms to. That's how kind they were. Really love these people.

He had his cup of tea this morning in the big police mug he was given and said "I really, really wanted one of these mum'". So appreciative of his gifts.

Thank you so much to those wonderful people. We love you all for making our sons day so special. Something all of us will never , ever forget!

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