Saturday, 9 November 2013

Xmas decorating early

I'm laying next to by little man and he's sound asleep. The kids are out with dad watching the Monster trucks and Jayden and I are home together. I'm missing them all. Was so happy for them when we got the tickets and how excited they were to go , but sad when they left. Really hate it when we are apart. Beginning to think I have some issues there, which no doubt developed last year.

So I'm home with Jayden and about to get stuck into a huge pile of ironing now that he's asleep. Ewwwe

Today we put up the Christmas tree! I know it's early and normally we would wAit till December but I just couldn't and neither could the kids.

Jayden is well now and only a little sniffly and I just thought I should do it now while everyone is well and I think I'm a big kid at heart as well and just wanted it up.
It was great. So exciting, lots of fun and just loved being with my kids to do it.

a big part of me is scared. So I think by bringing it forward, something I can control I then know we didn't miss it. I don't know if that makes sense?

Jayden and Luke going through the Xmas decorations!

Jayden found himself some reindeer ears. Love this photo.

The three of them in front of the tree before it's decorated!

Jayden putting the star at the top!! And me in my flattering pyjamas

The finished product with the hard workers in front!

Love my kids. Great morning !

We spent the afternoon at my beautiful friends house then down to the river. It was really lovely there and the kids really enjoyed being outside, as kids do.

Home now, my two big ones out and just me and Jayden.

It took him a long time to go to sleep as he really hates it when we are apart. He's his happiest when we are all together. Me too.

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