Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Luke and Jayden got their haircut today. Luke went first and finally got his long locks cut off. He was getting attached to them until recently. I think it's because the weather has heated up.

Jayden was super reluctant to get his done as he desperately wants it to be like Layla's. But after seeing his brother brave it he decided he'd give it a go too. But on one condition, and that is that Luke stand next to him while he gets it done. So cute. He really loves his big brother and Luke really loves being a big brother. He was definitely born to be a big brother as he really looks out for Jayden when he knows Jayden is feeling vulnerable, worried or scared. He just knows when Jayden feels like this and is by his side. Love the love of siblings.

It's really late and I'm tired but just as I tried to put my head down I realised I wanted to put this moment in here.

Jayden's hair was only trimmed as he doesn't want it short but today was the first day for his first " real" haircut as the one before was just to neaten things up. With This one all his hair has now grown over the back of his bald patch at the back of his head from the radiation and it is now evenly cut because it was long enough to do so. So proud.
Love my boys.

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