Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's late. About to go to bed. Had a lovely morning with my little man watching videos and playing Lego. Love it when I just stop. Take him in and just be with him and not worry about anything else.
I know how special these moments are and I try to make the very most of them. It meant I was way behind in dinner and stuff and a little stressed when it came to rushing around trying to catch up. But it was worth it.

When Jayden and I were watching a movie, he snuggled up next to me, reached up and kissed me on the cheek and said " love you mum". He is truly so loving. He makes me melt every time he smiles at me, gives me a cuddle and pretty much 24/7 actually. Love my little man.

I didn't take a single photo or video today which must be a first as I'm usually always snapping. Worrying I will miss a moment. Today I just tried to relax in that moment.

Of course I had moments of sadness, I always do. And the damn waves rush in when you least expect them. I push them back and keep on going. Sometimes it's really hard though.

I need to sleep.

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