Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's super early and Sunday morning. Was so tired when I woke this morning but no matter how tired I am I will never stop being grateful Jayden is with us, waking me in the morning and we are not in hospital. So many still are.

I'm probably a little too tired to write in here but a couple of days have passed and I don't want to miss putting those memories down.

Friday I spent running around in the morning for a couple of hours doing some last minute shopping and Friday was also the start of the kids school holidays. Yah! So happy to have them home.

Jayden is especially happy to have them home and spent all Friday playing with his big sister. She is amazing. She sits with Jayden for hours, playing art activities that she sets up or role playing shopping or kitchen play. Anything. And he just loves her company.

When I came home on Friday after being out I came in to see Layla and Jayden dancing to Christmas carols in the lounge room. Beautiful sight. Massive smiles on both their faces, super happy kids. Such a beautiful feeling to see my kids so happy together.
That afternoon Luke had a sleepover at his friends house and couldn't get there quick enough. Asking me every five minutes if it was time to leave. I so didn't want him to go as it was his first sleepover at a friends and I was already missing him. And of course, worrying. Of course it was all fine and he had a wonderful time. Late night, but crashed early last night to make up for it and is still asleep now as I write in here.

While he was at his sleepover I thought it was a perfect time to do some Christmas wrapping so Layla helped out by putting Jayden to bed. He just adores her and she him. He wasn't being very cooperative at first but Layla has this way of getting around him and can just about get him to do anything. Honestly, she's a miracle worker.
She read him his books in bed then laid down next to him until he fell asleep. All the stuff I normally do but he is so happy to have her do it too. Once he fell asleep she came and joined me and told me all about her effort of putting him to bed. She was so over the moon that he fell asleep with his arm around her and legs intwined with hers. She told me she stayed watching him sleep for ages. And said she felt like she didn't want to leave. Beautiful. I so understand that feeling.

Today we have a day planned with Danny's family and I'm so looking forward to seeing them all.
The kids are too.
Love to see my children happy. That's all I want. All I want ever.

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