Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lego, beautiful people and today

It's monday morning. 5:00am and I'm playing Lego on the floor with my little man. Well, he's playing Lego and I'm writing in here, stopping every 5 minutes to see his wonderful creations.

He's so clever at Lego. Not that I'm biased or anything.
He will tinker away with Lego all day. The sound of him chattering to himself as he does is truly precious. Love his little voice.

I'm so relieved I am feeling better today as yesterday I was not well at all. I hate wasting a day with my kids by spending most of it in bed.
But today is a new day and I'm up and well. Yah for that.
My kids were so beautiful yesterday while I was not very mobile and together with dad they made a cake!
First time I've ever known Danny to bake. And, it was really yummy!

I went out Saturday evening with two truly beautiful women. Both cancer mums. It was truly refreshing to be in the company of such gorgeous people. I often refer to people I've met and ones whom I hope will be life long friends as beautiful. What makes a beautiful person ? I think the answer to that may have been very different once to what it is for me today. I may have said someone who's honest, caring, empathetic, and loyal. I still think those qualities are truly beautiful but now I think it's more than that but i don't have the words to truly describe it. I can only say that they are also people who "get it". Some people need to live some tragic event in their life in order for them to " get it" and others are just born that way, accredit to their folks no doubt. I have met so many people like this, either through their own tragedies or just because they care.
I feel blessed to have these people in my life now although I wish it were under different circumstances.

It's much later. Lots of Lego played , getting organised for kids to go to school, dropped them off and now sitting outside with my little man as he plays in the sand out front. Sand that use to be grass but with two boys digging is now a sand pit. And long as they are happy.

I'm still a little tired but am so grateful for today. For feeling better and most of all, for being able to spend it with my little man.

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