Sunday, 26 January 2014

my birthday wish

It was my birthday yesterday and thanks to my wonderful hubby and kids it was a really lovely day. Of course it was made extra special knowing Jayden's MRI looks good and hopefully on Wednesday they will confirm that. I'm trying not to get too excited until I see the report and talk to Jayden's oncologist. And of course even then it doesn't stop the worrying.
I wish it all meant he was cured. But i am so very, very grateful that he is ok now. Today and on my birthday.  I will always hope and pray for a lifetime for my little man, I so wish i could have that, for all my kids.

Jayden woke me first thing in the morning on my birthday and we got up to a decorated kitchen and lots of prezzies!
Everyone got up shortly after and i opened my presents, got loads of cuddles and then we all sat out the front for tea! great way to start a day.  The rest of the day in photos......

Above: Jaydens bed hair! i just love it!
Tea and Vegemite on toast, plus cuddles! the best!

Vegemite face!
Birthday cake! Next to a scarey looking knife? Everyone knows what my wish was when I blew out these candles.
Dinner at the park. Takeaway spaghetti!
Layla and Jayden on the playground
The kids, with a very reluctant Luke to pose for this photo, so dad helped!

We never went anywhere special for my birthday because everything i need and want in my life is right here under the roof of our home. My family. All I ever wanted in life ever since I was a little girl was to have a family, to be a mum. I never wanted to be anything more than I wanted to be a mum. Im so grateful I got to be a mum. And I'm so very grateful for my three beautiful kids and my wonderful man.

I know i will always have a fabulous birthday when all my kids are happy and well and this birthday they are. I hope with every inch of my being that every birthday I have for the rest of my life is spent with all three of my children, happy and well.

That's My birthday wish and my wish for every day of my life and theirs.

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