Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I took Jayden to the doctors today. This time because he had a nasty fall yesterday, where his face hit the brick paving so hard that his tooth made a hole in his upper lip. It didn't go right through but it was a nasty cut and his face was scratched as well as his nose knocked hard enough for blood to stream out. Poor little mite.

I heard his cry when it happened as he was out the front with Layla and I had gone in to grab something (of course happens when I'm not there). I ran out and scooped him up in my arms. I could see he was in a lot of pain but he was so brave. Honestly, he took it so well. I was worried out of my mind, as I do and wanted to rush him to the nearest hospital and into the emergency section but multiple visits there have soon taught me you really don't want to rock up there unless it is in fact an emergency. So I managed to get myself calm and rational enough to ring a friend who is a nurse instead. Love this lady. She is mrs cool, calm and collective and knows how to ease my mind.
So after I had him all cleaned up and feeling better with a cold icy pole to suck on he was much happier.

But today I still wanted to double check all was ok and took him to my local GP whom I truly adore. Wonderful doctor that has given my faith back in doctors as there was a time I did not trust their judgement at all (given the experiences we had it really was no wonder). But this man is so thorough and truly goes out of his way. Lovely person. He checked him out and assured me Jayden was going to be ok. Wish he could be telling me that about his overall health. Wish he could say "don't worry Leisl everything is going to be ok", " Jayden will be ok". Would love to hear those words. More than anything in the world.

Anyway, we left the surgery and needed to get home as we were all going to the river for a BBQ. But Jayden in true toddler style was in no hurry and found a bench that he wanted to sit on, on the way to the car. I was about to say no we have to get going when I thought "why not". He really has taught me to slow down. When he wants to stop or look at something or change direction to where we are walking, I just do it now. I don't worry if it's going to mean we are going to be Late. Whatever else is happening, I know, it can wait. These moments can't. I don't know how many I will get so they are so precious that I can't pass on any of them. So he plonked himself down on the bench and I sat alongside him. Terrible view as it just looked out on to the traffic, but a beautiful moment. I took a deep breath and smiled at my little man. "I just love you so much" I said. "I love you too mum" he replies. I so love my little boy. More than life itself. I just want so much for him to be ok. More than anything in the world.

We didn't sit for long as also in true toddler style, he can't sit still for long. So off we went in the direction of the car. This time he wanted to sit on the curb near the car and so we did that. All alone, together in a very quiet carpark, sitting. Up again and finally in the car. Another ten minutes goes by as we examine every bit of his car seat and then finally in the seat and leaving for home. God I love my little man so much.

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