Sunday, 9 February 2014

A special lady

It's Sunday night and I'm about to put the boys to bed. I'll no doubt start writing this and they'll come looking for me as they often do when they realise I'm not close. Love being a mum.

Last night a beautiful lady I know very well, passed away. Dear woman whom I loved dearly. She was very close to my mum and since my mums passing she has been a beautiful surrogate grandmother to all my kids. They will all miss her dearly especially Jayden. We all will. I hope that she is with my mum now. I hope there is a life after this one where she is now happy and laughing with my mum. I hope so.

I haven't stopped thinking of her since we got the phone call this morning. Her family in shock.

Death is such a final thing and the thought of never seeing her again is very sad. She was old though and had a wonderful life and I know she would not want me to be sad but instead remember her and to always look out for my kids. Kids were her priority, always. She adored my children and when Jayden became ill, it crushed her. Her heart was so big. It was frail and I think what ended up being the cause of her passing , but it was big. She would have done anything for us. Anything. Especially for Jayden.

Jayden doesn't understand what it means for her to have passed away and it will be hard for him , when he does. Not to be able to see her, have one of her famous biscuits she makes that both my boys adore. A big warm cuddle from her. Or simply just to sit and chat with her. They use to sit together for ages out on her porch and chat over a cup of tea. I always loved coming home to see him with her sitting on the chairs together chatting. He was so happy in her company. There is something so special about the relationship between a very young person and a very old person. Precious. And they had one of those relationships. Truly special.

She told me she always prayed for Jayden and her family and friends overseas did too. I will miss her so much. She loved him so much. He was her "gold" she would say. Where ever she is now, I hope she is happy. I hope that she watches over Jayden with my mum and is still with him in some way.
I hope That she can still see us and know that we loved her and always will.

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