Sunday, 16 February 2014

Adventure World

Today we all went to the ward 3b day at Adventure world. It was a really wonderful day where we were able to catch up with a lot of other families we haven't seen in a while, meet new ones and spend it all at a great theme park.

It was an emotional day. Catching up with everyone and seeing so many new families and their beautiful children. I can't explain it but I kept feeling like I needed to cry. Every face I saw had a story and each one about an innocent child. Their child. It Was very sad. It also came with a feeling of warmth. Of understanding and a feeling of belonging. Belonging in a club, that no one would chose to be in, but are. As sad as our stories all are, it was nice to know we have each other and events like this remind us that we are all out there, and are there for each other. That we are not alone.

The kids loved it. Jayden especially. There were people dressed in animal costumes. A big blue dinosaur was his favourite. He loved him and wanted me to take him up to meet him as soon as he saw him. When we walked up to this blue dinosaur Jayden raced up to him and gave him a hug. Oh my goodness, it took my breath away. My other two would never have done that as they were always too shy and Jayden normally too, but not today. I was so disappointed I didn't get it on film. Would have been a perfect picture! So very cute! This was a moment I felt like crying.

Every moment I get with him where I see him smile or laugh takes my breath away and makes me want to cry. The sheer joy of seeing him happy warms my heart like nothing on this earth.
To know that he is truly enjoying something, anything, means the world to me. I just want his life to be filled with so many of those moments. For All my kids to have that.

We went on rides that were suitable for Jayden (not too scary-right up my alley) and he swam in the toddler pool area. Luke and Layla went with Danny on the big slides and other rides.

Jayden also had his face painted like a blue dinosaur! But the other two weren't so game.

Great day. Thanks Adventure World for making my kids smile.

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