Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another one of Layla's guinea pigs is sick. Dear little thing and we now have him inside with us so we can keep a close eye on him and hand feed him. He's one of her favourites. An old one. A male that we bought years ago to breed with her very first females but he turned out to be sterile and has been living happily with all of the females ever since, with no babies.

I fed him tonight and I felt so sorry for him. He's unwell and I think we are going to lose him. I'm taking him to the vets again tomorrow but I'm not feeling super confident.

I love that pets become part of your family but it's so sad when they get sick. Really sad to see my daughter so worried for him and wanting so bad for him to get better. She just loves her animals.

Layla's not well either at the moment. When she came home from school she started to feel ill and hasn't eaten dinner. She still fed her guinea pigs though. Bless. Always thinking of her animals. I remember when we were leAving for chicago and we were driving out of our driveway. She burst into tears and when I asked her what was wrong she told me she was worried about the guinea pigs and our dogs. They were of course fine and she was over the moon to see them again when we returned.

Right now I'm laying next to my boys as they sleep. My toe is aching but I know that's nothing. Jayden is quietly snoring. He's had a big day. I think he's now coming down with a cold. I feel like we just shouldn't have sicknesses in our house at all now. Like we've had more than our fair share and it should all just stop for a very long time. Everyone stay well from now on. That would be great. But, I would have a cold, belly ache, anything minuscule like that over what Jayden's been through , ANYDAY!

Feeling like I'm not going to finish this so will post more later.


I love brushing Jayden's hair. And I love it even more now that his curls are finally coming back. It's the simple things that mean so much. Every time I see it curl, I smile. I thank god that he's still with us, and he's with us as normal as he could be. Curls and all. So very grateful.

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