Sunday, 23 February 2014

I haven't written in here for days. Mainly because both Jayden and I have been ill. By Friday night I was really unwell with this awful gastro bug and was baffled as to how Jayden got through it so well. I could barely keep it together as the stomachs pains were so excruciating that I couldn't sleep. Honestly, he made it look easy and I wasn't, at all.

By Saturday I wasn't any good to anyone and spent the day between the bed, couch and toilet, no fun at all and was extremely over joyed when I woke up this morning feeling semi- normal. So very grateful for that.

My little man was a true treasure through it all. he stayed home with me on Saturday morning while danny took the kids to swimming lessons . He was just beautiful. Playing quietly and got me a drink of water without me asking, just thought I might need one. Beautiful. All three kids were wonderful actually. They were just perfect for the whole day and I just love them for being so considerate. Of course when I woke up well today, it was all back to the normal. Well, the normal that we know anyway.

Jayden has had some really rough nights lately and a really bad one a few nights back where he woke up screaming on three separate occasions and frightened us senseless. Really awful stuff. He wound up sleeping practically on top of me with his arms tightly around my neck. So frightened and wouldn't let me go. So worried for him. Honestly it scared me to see him so frightened. Hate to think what his nightmare was about and hope it was because of a nightmare and nothing else.

Still worried about everything and anything Jayden is doing. He's been realty tired lately and that's got me in yet another tail spin. Honestly I wish we had something that we could just zip him through everyday to check for anything so I could just relax.

We had a really nice day in today with the kids . Didn't go anywhere except to do a bit of shopping. just hung out and it was lovely. Digging in the sand, playing with the guinea pigs and making a chocolate cake!

Layla and Jayden played together most of the morning. He just loves her company and she is so wonderful at playing with him. They play with his toy kitchen, dolls and just about everything, for hours. Love seeing them together. We missed Luke today as he went to his friends house and it wasn't the same without him. Am really going to miss my kids when their friends become a big part of their lives. Hope that comes slowly.

I'm now laying next to my little man and watching him sleep. Love him so very much. So please he doesn't have his tummy bug anymore and hope he stays well for a very very long time. Until he's old and grey like his grandad. All three of my kids. That would be a dream come true.

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