Saturday, 1 February 2014

Orientation day at New Kindy

Jayden had his orientation day at his new Kindy on Friday. New in that it's the local 3 year old Kindy as opposed to the school Kindy. We were initially going to send him to school Kindy because that's where his birthdate sits but after a lot of talk with a lot of people including Dr Nick we decided to hold him back and send him to a three year old Kindy instead.

I'm so pleased we did as the school Kindy is five full days a fortnight and the school curriculum in Kindy now is a lot different to what it use to be. He's not ready to learn but he is ready to play and he's already missed out on so much of that. He's also a May baby so he would be one of the youngest in his class if we were to send him to the school Kindy. And With the loss of nearly a year of normal development this would just make it hard for him.

The three year old Kindy we are going to send him to is only two half days a week and to be honest I'm much happier with that and I think he will be too.

So we went to see his new Kindy on Friday to check it out and meet the other kids in his class. The other added bonus to this Kindy is his dear little friend who use to be our neighbour will be in his class too. And he adores her. Nice. He's very excited about that.

When we pulled up out the front of the Kindy and parked I looked back at him to see a very very stressed out expression on his face. "I want to go home mummy". He looked so scared and I instantly felt what's it's going to be like on his first day . Both of us, really nervous.
I managed to coax him in by reminding him I wouldn't be leaving this time, as he knows that's what will be happening.
So worried for him.

We went in and he got to play with the toys and meet his truly beautiful teacher. Honestly I don't think you could get a more warm and gentle person as a teacher . I loved this lady. I told her about what Luke had said about this Kindy........

On the night of the day we took Jayden to his orientation day at the school Kindy I was talking to Luke. I told him how Jayden didn't seem to like it and how we left early. I also felt the other kids seemed a lot older than him. I just wasn't sure about it all. Luke said "mum, I don't think he's ready for that Kindy. I think you should send him to the Kindy you sent me to first. They really looked after me there. And I didn't have to stay there for a long time. I think you should send him there". The seed was planted then and shortly after I was looking into doing exactly that.

........Back to Jayden's Kindy teacher. I told her this story and how Luke's memory of this Kindy and her were very fond memories. From hearing this Tears welled up in her eyes. Immediately I thought, this is the teacher for Jayden! I'm going to feel ok about leaving him with someone who cares so much. Beautiful lady.

Jayden was happy there playing playdoh and outside on the playground and after an hour we left to go home. Am still really nervous about his first day and leaving him for the first time with strangers but I'm confident he will be safe and cared for.

He came home to tell his brother and sister about his Kindy experience and they were both really happy for him.

His first day is Tuesday..... Not sure who's more nervous?

Playing in the playground at his new Kindy!

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