Thursday, 13 March 2014

Grumpy today

Jayden hasn't had the best day today. He's been quite a bit grumpy and seems a lot, tired. I'm hoping it's just because he's had a busy start to this week but I can't help but feel extremely concerned.

Hoping he's ok. Always really worried. Just hoping he's just tired. Normal stuff. Hoping for that.


I went to another nAturopath today and was really happy with him. Liked him a lot and felt he really knew his stuff. He didn't make any promises or unrealistic claims, just assistance. Happy with that. He never made us feel bad about treatment either and agreed we did the right thing for Jayden. Always nice to hear that.

I am now sitting waiting for Layla to finish school and missing my little man. Love it when he comes with me but today he wanted to stay home playing with dad. Also love to be able to go knowing he is so happy.

Picture of cuteness!

Love my little man.

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