Friday, 21 March 2014

I went out to a quiz night last night with beautiful people and had a wonderful time. It was organised to raise money for "soc it to sarcoma" A Fabulous charity, and it was truly a great night.

I had had a few drinks whilst I was out and woke this morning not feeling too flash. but no way was my little man going to let me sleep in. He was not going to go anywhere without me no matter how much danny tried to coax him to let me sleep. Rascal. But geez I loved it. I loved that he wanted to stay with me and cuddle and chat. He didn't care as long as I paid him attention, too easy. Sore head or no sore head, he's too gorgeous to refuse.

My beautiful friend came over later with her little boy and spent the morning with us. Was lovely. Got to have an hour nap in the afternoon then was woken by my little man jumping on the bed with excitement of being allowed to wake me up. Just love that alarm. Best ever.

Kids to be picked up from school, always so happy to see them home. Love it when we are all together.

Later when I put my little man to bed I was so very happy to be doing exactly that. Laying on the bed with him reading books, chatting in between, having a giggle at the funny pictures and just being together. I only missed doing it for one night last night but it felt like longer. So happy to be back doing it again tonight. So damn grateful I can.

He was so cute. it was just me and him because the kids were having fun with dad and just precious, precious time. Doesn't get better than that, I'm certain.

I'm now about to go to bed which I really should have done hours ago but wanted to quickly write in hear first.

Jayden complained of an earache today. Got me really worried. Trying not to focus on it too much. Need to sleep....

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