Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jayden and i had a lovely morning at Hyde Park in Perth today. We hadnt been there before, so it was very exciting for Jayden and made extra special because he was meeting his mate and my friend there too!

he was so full of beans when we got there and was racing around to every piece of play equipment and then finally to the water park which he and his mate loved! They had so much fun in it and kept my friend and i laughing out loud. it was so nice to laugh. And even better to see my little man having so much fun. Really special.  

A little while Later we sat down to eat and not long after he became weary and wanted to leave. Cant help but feel a lump in my throat when he appears weary and the worry kicks in. I wish i could just put it down to normal tiredness but I cant. so happy to see him happy in one moment and worried out of my mind in another. Constant rollercoaster. Just wish we could just be normal. The normal we use to know. The one where we didn't have the constant worry and concern that we have now.

We came home and he seemed ok which made me feel a little better. the worry just never stops. with every beautiful moment theres the shadow of the fear and sadness.

Love my Little man so much and hope and pray with all my might that he gets to sit where i was sitting today and watch his kids run through the water, and laugh out loud. That would be a great day!

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