Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kindy 3rd day

Jayden had his third half day at Kindy today and it was great. At first I thought it wasn't going well as he was very clingy and just seemed uncomfortable. Of course I wasn't worried about it being Kindy as much as I was worried about it being something else. So I spent the first part stressing as well. But when they went outside for outside play he suddenly perked up and was chatting away with the teacher. He wasn't worried that I was in the kitchen helping out and he carried on having fun. It was so nice to be able to see him enjoying himself. Just love seeing that.

We left at lunchtime, as he does just half a day and he was very excited to talk about it at the dinner table tonight. He loves telling his brother and sister about Kindy. It makes him feel like one of them, "a big kid". So nice to see him so proud of himself.

My anxiety was working at an all time high today and by the afternoon I was really struggling. I feel like I spend so much energy trying to fight it all the time and by the evening I'm exhausted, feeling depleted of energy and not much fun to be around.

Off to bed now to snuggle up to my little man.

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