Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kindy and zoo


Today danny and I went and checked out a Kindy centre with Jayden. We had not planned to attempt Kindy for a long time yet but we just chanced apon this one recently. I picked up a flyer where Layla does tutoring recently and the woman that runs Layla's tutoring centre (whom I adore) highly recommended the Kindy.

So one day I thought I would give this lady a call (the one that runs the Kindy). My change of heart came from recent counselling at PMH. And a plan to work towards Jayden being able to happily mix with his peers. Happily, being the key word. I wouldn't mind so much about him going anywhere as long as he was happy too go there and I knew he was safe.

Of course I never expected to be doing this again for a long time yet. However after speaking to this woman on the phone I felt convinced I should at least check it out but with no intentions of sending him anytime soon.

Jayden was happy to go knowing I wasn't going to leave him and of course so was I. We set of and arrived to meet wonderful women and gorgeous children. The lady who runs this Kindy was wonderful. She agreed that this process should be taken slowly and was happy to have me come and stay everyday he is there for as long as he needed, should we enrol him. Music to my ears.

Well, he loved it. As long as he saw me there he was happy. I loved seeing him play with all the toys and do artwork, sit with the other kids to eat and just be "normal". Gosh it was nice. And he was happy.
We left after a couple of hours, with him of course and he was keen to go back again, as long as I was coming too. It was so nice to be somewhere where we were understood. I'm confident it won't take him long before he's waving me out the door and I'm so glad I can do it in no rush but in our own time. Really nice feeling.

So we are back there next Tuesday which I certainly didn't expect to be doing as we were just going for a look.

He made a robot while he was there and was pleased as punch.

Big achievement for my little man. So proud.


Well I'm writing in this blog today and my memory of Wednesday (yesterday) isn't the flashest even though it was only 24 hours ago. Of course I remembered the Kindy moment as that was monumental and the other thing that springs to mind was major tummy pains. I'm hoping it's still this damn tummy bug that's in the house but whatever it is it's horrible. Went to bed super early last night as they were just awful. Couldn't help but think the worst and got myself all in a tether that it could be cancer. Hate that word and everything it stands for. Always going straight to it when I have a pain or my kids have a pain. Mental. Awful headspace in which I exist, honestly.

But back to today, which I remember clearly, obviously as I'm still in it. Would be extremely concerned if I couldn't.
Jayden and I met up with my dear friend and her son at the zoo today. Love these two. They are so special to us. Had a great day. Really lovely.
Jayden just loves hanging out with her son and squealed his name with delight when he saw him. God I love it when he's happy. He's been laughing a lot lately, best sound in the whole world! And I just love this woman. Very very special lady.

Here's some photos of today...

So wonderful to see my man experiencing new things. I can only hope and pray he gets to experience years and years full of new experiences.

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