Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Washing hair

Tonight when Jayden took his bath I told him I was going to wash his hair. Obviously we have done this before but he's not very fond of it at all. He didn't want his hair washed tonight and wasn't shy in telling me so. As I sat on the floor near the bath and listened to him telling me he didn't want his hair washed I couldn't help but smile. I felt so very grateful. Grateful that he is with me and arguing with me about washing his hair, and grateful that he has hair, to wash. And oh how long it is getting. A moment of true appreciation.

I try to soak these moments up, really feel them for so often I get bogged down in fear and sadness that I miss them. The happy moments often blackened by the fear. When I catch myself smiling at him I often feel like crying. When I watch him doing normal three year old things I'm so happy but then feel so sad.

Tonight as I washed his hair I just tried to focus on how beautiful that moment was. That he's with me. That He has hair. And to hope with all my might that he has a long wonderful life, full of loads of moments he can cherish too. I hope that for all my kids.

Before I finish I also want to add what we did today...

A cup of tea in the morning...

A walk along the river.....

Peering over the jetty with dad

Making funny faces whilst waiting for some lunch.

And after picking up the kids from school and having dinner I got to watch my little man splash in the puddles out the front with me from the water that came from the hose I was watering the garden with. He follows me almost everywhere and plays with whatever he can find within a metre radius of me. He's so beautiful with his little voice chattering away and making a game out of everything and anything. And constantly chatting to me. His voice makes me smile. He makes me smile. Love my little man. Love all my kids. So proud of them all.

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