Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Yesterday's post that I forgot to publish...

Jayden, Luke and I went to the Make A Wish family funday in Rockingham today. It was held at an indoor playground and the boys had a blast. Apart from a couple of falls Jayden had a great time. He also got stuck at the top at one point and couldn't work out how to get down but a wonderful volunteer from "make a wish" was in there in seconds. Amazing the volunteers that were there. Truly beautiful people, so grateful for them all.

Magicians were there, lots of yummy food and a full lolly bag to take home. Both boys made sure that they didn't forget Layla. They got a lolly bag for her and Jayden won her a toy playing the games. So cute. Luke also asked the magicians to make her a pink teddy from the balloons they were manipulating. Gorgeous. Love my boys.

Am so tired now. But very grateful I was able to treat my boys to a great day thanks to Make A Wish.

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