Sunday, 13 April 2014

My little man is truly the most wonderfullest company. My dear old neighbour use to say that to me when ever Jayden visited her "he is such beautiful company" she would say. And he is.

I had the best day with him the other day and I was feeling lousy. Awful head cold, flu, just yuck. But he really lifted my spirits. When we woke in the morning he was as always so eager to get up. I told him I didn't feel well and I didn't like not feeling well. He said "I don't like it when you are not well either mummy". And gave me the biggest cuddle.

That day we hung out doing stuff and things and I did very little housework. We walked to the park and he wanted to race me there and I told him mummy's feeling too old to do that today. He stopped running ahead and held out his hand to hold mine. "That's ok mummy" he said as he held my hand "I will walk with you".
Oh my goodness I just wanted to eat him all up there and then. Just love my little munchkin to bits. He's truly such a beautiful little man.

He's now sound asleep as are my other two and so should I be.
We have had a big week.

Love my kids.

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