Sunday, 18 May 2014

Happy 4th birthday Jayden

My little man turned. 4 today! I'm so very proud of him and so very grateful to be celebrating his 4th birthday.

He woke me at 5:30 this morning with his wriggling in bed and I was so excited for him that I couldn't go back to sleep but he continued too. So I watched him sleep. I watched my little man as he lay there sleeping and thought about how grateful I am that we are celebrating his 4 th birthday . That he is having a fourth birthday. I remembered back when I didn't think like that. When I could watch him and be so happy for him having a birthday not being concerned about the future and assuming he'd have one, taking that future and thought of it completely for granted, because in that moment I could. Back then I could. I didn't have to worry about tomorrow and whether or not he will have one. I will always wish I could think like that again.

I soon heard Luke stirring and Layla, all of us eager for Jayden to wake so we could give him his presents.
His eyes finally opened and gave me a big smile "it's my birthday today" he said. "It sure is, you are four today. Happy birthday" and I gave him the biggest cuddle.
Layla and Luke jumped on the bed as soon as they heard him speak and the opening of the presents began. He was so happy with all his gifts and so excited about the party that he knew he was going to be having. We all were. A big day for him and a huge milestone worth celebrating.

I was able to bake his cake this year thanks to and extraordinarily beautiful woman who helped us get an oven. I love her!
So I baked it!!!! Yah! And my wonderful friend made the car and Mater that sat on top with a little Jayden sitting in the car. She is so clever this friend of mine, she really should run her own business doing this. She also helped me ice it and decorate it. Together we made an awesome cake for an awesome little man! He loved it and I felt so good to be able to do it for him.

Jayden especially wanted a dress up party this year, and for everyone to be dressed up in fancy dress. And everyone did just that. They all arrived in costume and it was just truly awesome. He loved it. We loved it. It was a lot of fun.

Without a doubt the best possible birthday party I could possibly imagine for him. He was so happy. He had a truly wonderful time and I couldn't have asked for more.

I feel very blessed to have the wonderful family and friends that I do as they truly made Jayden's day so special. A very special day for my very special little man.

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