Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mother Day 2014

I haven't written in hear for sometime. Since I last wrote there has been some highs and some lows. I'm Learning everyday to try better to cope with the lows and appreciate the highs.

Today is Mother's Day and I thought about what Mother's Day has meant for me over my life thus far:

As a child Mother's Day meant making mum something that only my mum would love and giving her hugs and hopefully attempting to make her day relaxing. With four children I'm not sure it ever was but we tried.

As a young adult it meant having money to buy her something lovely that she needs or wouldn't buy for herself , seeing her smile and spending time with her.

When my mum passed away Mother's Day took an entirely different turn and it became a day I dreaded and wished was removed from the calendar. I hated that everywhere I looked, tv advertisement, shop windows, newspapers and radio, Mother's Day was splattered, reminding me that I no longer had my mum. I first realized then, how Mother's Day isn't a day of celebration for everyone but instead a very sad day for many.

I then had my first child and when Mother's Day came around it became different again. I was now the mum and this was a day for me. A day to celebrate being a mum. I will always miss my mum but I could now celebrate being one.

now, today, Mother's Day has become a reminder of what we once had as a family, as a mother. I reminder that as a mother I now have an overwhelming fear that clouds my everyday of the future. The worry that I may not have my son with me on a Mother's Day and the knowing that so many don't. With this fear and worry also comes the knowledge that I should appreciate every moment I get. Every celebration needs to be embraced, held and appreciated for as long as it is. And so this Mother's Day I tried to focus on how lucky I am. How happy I am that all three of my kids are with me and hope and pray they always will be.

Mothers Day 2014

On Mother's Day I was woken by my beautiful kids and given an abundance of hand made cards and beautifully crafted items that I will cherish forever. Love my kids.

I had a cooked breakfast made by danny and Layla and ate it with Jayden on my lap eating his.

We later went out for lunch with Danny's mum, dad, brother his wife and kids and had a wonderful time. We all parted ways early afternoon then danny and I and the kids played over at the park near our home. Multiple games of hide and seek and simple fun, great way to end the day.

Here's some photos of our day together for this years 2014 Mother's Day:

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