Thursday, 29 May 2014

Unwell little man

Jayden hasn't been well. He's had this persistent cough since before his MRI in April. I've been to the doctors with him twice but they aren't too concerned which always makes me nervous. Sadly, No longer do I place the opinion of doctors as highly as I once did.

Yesterday he went down hill fast and spiked a temperature late in the afternoon. He also had a massive nap which he never does so I knew he wasn't well and I was super concerned.

In true Jayden style though he coped fine and after some Panadol he was back to his usual self. Last night however he spiked a temp again, 39.8 after Panadol. He was so hot and I was really worried. Any time he is unwell at all I'm thinking the worst. Worrying like crazy hoping and praying he's going to be ok. So we both had a restless night sleep.

I have an appointment with the doctor again today and hopefully it's something simple and nothing to worry about. Although for me, not worrying is truly impossible.
He's been good this morning but definitely not entirely himself. Hate seeing him even the slightest bit out of sorts.

Just come back from the doctors. He has an ear infection. Got some antibiotics for it, Hope he will be feeling much better soon.

Now. :(

Yesterday morning, with big sister Layla.

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